Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Newly Listed: Burgundy Beach Pottery Ring Sea Tumbled

Burgundy Beach Pottery Ring Sea Tumbled Pottery Leaves and Flowers by StaroftheEast
Coastal Decor Sea Coral Branched Finger Coral Giclee Art Print sunset red by vintagebytheshore
Crab red Sea Life Nautical Print Art Illustration Wall D├ęcor Wall Hanging by SeaNautical
Pressed seaweed Art, Original seaweed pressing, red algae, Botanical art, beach cottage by AlgaNet

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Adventurous Sunday

On Sunday we decided to make it a 'real' Sunday and go out and about and enjoying the sun and the sea starting with a lovely brunch.

Wriggly earth roads where you can not go faster than 30 km/h brought us to some amazing views and places.

Little islands...

Beautiful bays and lots of greens and blues.

And some more islands. Eventually after not coming across a single soul we ended up in a little restaurant, they never have customers from land, only from boats that sail by and like to have some solid ground and food before continuing their journey. We drank a coffee there and asked for instructions to find a bay we were looking for and continued our journey.

The road however is less fun and very tiring but it was worth it until...


No biggie, we have a spare tire, ah and it is in good condition pfewww, and then another crap when we discovered that our jack was awol and so was the tool that screws loose the screws that holds the tires, oh boy...
So we walked back to the little restaurant for help, luckily they had everything needed and helped us tremendously so we were very lucky because beside them their were only chicken in the neighborhood.

Oh and a donkey but he didn't know anything about changing tires.

Not wanting to take any risks we didn't continue the road we planned to avoid another flat tire, and got back the way we came. But as we had been mostly in the car all day I wanted to go to the beach to have a refreshing swim. There were a few people, one chasing the wind, flying on the waves.

After a refreshing swim it started to get dark, but the reason was a cloud covering the sun, we hadn't seen any clouds for a while, and this one made some pretty pictures.

Aaaahhh a peak to heaven *sigh*
All relaxed we got in to our car and just 500 meters away I had the terrible feeling that we had a flat tire again.

And I was right, for crying out loud. Now without a spare tire, no jack or tools we were totally helpless in the middle of nowhere on a Sunday.

We called friends who found a tire repairman and we were home eventually at 9 pm totally exhausted.

I now have two new tires, a jack and everything else needed, apparently there was also something else wrong with the car, which actually was the reason of this double trouble, so we were in luck as on a highway this could have ended very badly. So we count our blessings but I do not know when we will dare to have another 'vacation' again :)

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Newly Listed: Hand Painted Art Skirt Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

Hand Painted Art Skirt Vintage Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf by StarsWear
Old house in the Woods, Nature, Rural, Rustic, Fine Art Print, signed by garyhellerphotograph
Art photography yellow trees mystical colourful sunbeams. Magical forest tall trees by EmmaPPhotography
Path to Wonderland by CMPhotoDesigns

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Enjoying the Sea

It is funny that although we go to the beach very often in any season to find treasures for our work. We actually hardly ever just enjoy the beach and sea, having a swim and relaxing a bit. The beach somehow turned in to work for us, as soon as we arrive start searching and once we have combed the beach we just leave, pretty ridiculous when you think of it!

The other day I actually really enjoyed the sea, for the first time this year I actually got myself wet in it :) I swam and relaxed and enjoyed myself, we should do this more often!

I took these with my camera mask, you never know what comes out of it when you get home which makes it fun and tricky to take some descent pictures, but these turned out pretty nice.

That's me, relaxing :)

And the sun through the sea, I really should do this more often I even enjoyed making this blog post about it :)

Friday, 18 July 2014

Newly Listed: Flamenco Tassel Skirt Red Roses Vintage Embroidery

Flamenco Tassel Skirt Red Roses Vintage Embroidery by StarsWear
Still Life with Pink and White Ranunculus Dutch Inspired Photograph by LucySnowePhotography
Portrait Photography, Conceptual Photograph, Silhouette, Red Lips,Tree Print by AgaFarrell
Spring Art Photography Evening Sun window photograph Sunlight by LetsAllMakeBelieve

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Newly Listed: Tusk Agate Necklace

Tusk Agate Necklace Mystical Horn Soldered Stone by StaroftheEast
Vintage burlesque goddess photomontage digital art print 1920 s hand painted wall art by VoogsArt
Sparrow Bird Photography, nature, woodland, rustic home decor by VanillaExtinction
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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Newly Listed: Art Nouveau Rose Skirt Fairy tale Skirt Sleeping Beauty

Art Nouveau Rose Skirt Fairy tale Skirt Sleeping Beauty Pink Roses Vintage Embroidery by StarsWear
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Monday, 14 July 2014

Newly Listed: Sea Glass Cuff Beach Glass Sea Tumbled

Sea Glass Cuff Beach Glass Sea Tumbled Glass Bottle Green Bracelet by StaroftheEast
Green Leaves, Nature Photography, Woodland Decor, Fine Art Wall Print by AndreaHurleyPhoto
Striped Bass - Gyotaku Fish Rubbing - Limited Edition Print by FredFisher
Sea of Happiness ocean print, nature photography, dreamy coastal decor, nautical wall art by joystclaire

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Doggies update

Last week we were again in Aydin, at the Veterinary Faculty with our two girls, Lily and Daisy.
Again there were dromedaries there to be treated. They had artfully hand knotted muzzles on.

These two were not as lucky as the one we saw before. That one was well loved and used just to tour tourists around.
These two were fighting dromedaries. Dromedaries fights and cock fights are popular here. You can see pictures here.

It is not pretty, but it is of course nothing compared to the Spanish bull fights, which is in my opinion the worse, most sadistic and barbarian form of animal abuse there is.

Our girls had both an operation to remove mammary tumors a month ago. The pathology results of both of them are bad, both girls have cancer and we are pretty devastated.

Lily here was limping last week and has something under her arm that may be a metastasis or an aftermath of last months operation, after a 5 day antibiotic treatment she is doing much better but only time will tell if she'll be alright for the long run.
Daisy had a second operation to remove all tits and lymph's at the right side, last month  those at the left side were removed.
The vet wants them on chemotherapy, but this we refused. We have ordered some herbal medicine from the USA that is supposed to boost the immune system by dogs with cancer, and for the rest, we will pamper them with lots of love and yummy treats and keep them comfortable, but we don't want them to go through the rigors of chemo.

Poor Daisy is being a trooper, wearing the collar for weeks now.
We have made her very nifty onesies to keep her wound from contact with the floor. In this heat we have to do everything to avoid infection.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Newly Listed: Seahorse Beach Pottery Necklace

Seahorse Beach Pottery Necklace Soldered Sea Treasures by StaroftheEast
Seahorse Tail Ocean Decor Marine Art Sea Themed Beach Natural History by MachelSpencePHOTO
Texture Old Wood Door pastel colored cracked paint  by HamlinDesign
Fish Illustration singing fish Giclee Print by ChasingtheCrayon

Friday, 11 July 2014

Newly Listed: Alice in Wonderland Garden Skirt Fairy tale

Alice in Wonderland Garden Skirt Fairy tale Boho Floral Clothing by StarsWear
Book Photography, Vintage Book Art, Antique Books, Shabby Chic by StudioSwede13
Rose photograph, botanical print, shabby chic flower photograph by LupenGrainne
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And behind the scenes, Mimi totally photo bombed this picture :)

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Newly Listed: Tribal Tusk Necklace Turquoise Stone

Tribal Tusk Necklace Turquoise Stone Horn Layer necklace by StarDelights
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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Newly Listed: Sterling Silver Seashell Necklace Abalone Shell

Sterling Silver Seashell Necklace Abalone Shell by StaroftheEast
Seahorse Love watercolor print sea ocean life Archival Print by kellybermudez
Green seaweed - Original watercolor illustration - original art by SandraOvono
Signed Jade Turbo Shell Mermaid Art Print Beach Decor Art by elvesfairies

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Newly Listed: Hummingbird Bag, Bird appliques, Vintage Embroidery

Hummingbird Bag, Bird appliques, Vintage Embroidery, floral purse, Kiss-lock, Leather by StarBags
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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Newly Listed: Lake House Jacket Fairy tale

Lake House Jacket Fairy tale Vintage Clothing Landscape Gobelin Fabric Clothing by StarsWear
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