Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Newly Listed: Abalone Pearl Necklace Kuchi Necklace

Abalone Pearl Necklace Kuchi Necklace Abalone Shell and Pearls by StaroftheEast
Fairy Leaves Surreal Photography -Minimalist Nature Decor Print Teal Purple Pink by GalleryZooart
New Orleans Door Art reservation Hall Door french quarter photograph fine art print by Briole
Beach Nautical Turquoise Saltwater Teal Ocean Fine Art Print by ShadetreePhotography

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Our Creative Space...

I haven't been sharing our creative space for ages, which is a shame, especially when you know that we have at least 10 on going projects at any giving time, as you might imagine from the amount of new items that pop up in our shops all the time :)

Any way here is the one my mother is currently working on, with a funny super vintage little weave 'gadget'.

The results are fun and lovely detailed woven squares, which we will attach together once their are enough and transform in to a bag.

And to proof that I was not exaggerating when I said at least 10 on going projects at any given time, here are more than 10 only in the jewelry department, so without the bags and decor :)

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Newly Listed: Beach House Driftwood Wall art

Beach House Driftwood Wall Art constellation by StarHomeStudio
Sea photography - Nautical landscape bathroom decor - seascape Etretat by RivuletPhotography
Tuscany Photograph, Italy Photo, Foggy Ethereal Landscape Photography by EyePoetryPhotography
Sailboat Blues by StudioUnderdog

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Newly Listed: Amethyst Sea Urchin Necklace

Amethyst Sea Urchin Necklace by StaroftheEast
Jellyfish Photography - Fine Art Print - Purple Embrace by HilliaryCustomLiving
Sea foam Blue Sky White Clouds Photography Original Fine Art Print by viesereine
Beach Photography - sandpiper running on the seashore, home decor, bird wall print by LynnLangmade

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Newly Listed: Sand and Shells Jacket

Sand and Shells Jacket Vintage Embellished Beach Jacket by StarsWear
Painterly Sea Urchin pastel fine art print spring home decor, wall decor by BonnieBruno
Beach Photography, Seashell Neutral, Spiral Sea Shell & Sand Water by findingfocus
Starfish Photograph, Beach Decor, Sand, Beach, Ocean, Coastal Decor by BreeMadden

Monday, 7 April 2014

Newly Listed: Natural Geometry Necklace

Natural Geometry Necklace - Ceramic, Seashell, metal, solder by StaroftheEast
Seagull in the fog by tonnamcguinn
landscape photography, monochromatic, nature, fog, foggy, trees, winter by NicholasBellPhoto
Chambered Nautilus Photograph Nature Art Decor Seashell Nautilus by machelspencePHOTO

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Newly Listed: Cobalt Blue Wool Embroidered Vintage Coat

Cobalt Blue Wool Vintage Coat Jacket Embellished with Embroidery by StarsWear
Blue Wall Art - Photography - Home Decor - Travel - Penang, Malaysia by TBOphotography
Indian Girl watercolor painting print, Woman, Blue, Imperial blue, Cobalt, by SlaviART
Red Berries Glowing in the Moonlight Surreal Midnight Garden Botanical Photography by EclecticForest

Friday, 4 April 2014

Newly Listed: Bohemian Floral Bag

Bohemian Floral Bag Knit fabric and embroidery by StarBags
Nature photography, rustic, woodland birds in forest, wall decor by Raceytay
Abstract Art Geometric Modern Bright Color Print by LWilsonArt
Poppy Photograph-Nature Photography Home Decor Floral Wall Art by BreeMadden

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Fool's Day

Fool' s Day

Today, the results of yesterday's municipal elections are being published in this beautiful country.
It is not a surprise that, once more, the sitting party has a majority of votes. Of course, stories of fraudulent activities in many of the voting places do the round. Like stolen bags full of votes, burned votes found at dumpsters and toilets, huge electricity blackouts during the vote counting, changing numbers in favor of the party of Erdo─čan.
But the reality is, that they are the party with the most votes.

In 1994, Aziz Nesin, a great Turkish writer and military activist, declared: 60% of the Turks are stupid.
Well, how right he was.

The actual premier is involved in the biggest corruption scandal ever. Bribery and corruption have formed the warp and weef of Turkish society since time immemorial, but the magnitude of these malversations is unheard of.  But still he gets votes.

Many deaths have been since the beginning of the unrest in Istanbul, which started to save a few trees in central Istanbul became a cry for revolution for the entire country. Last of them, a fourteen year old boy that had been wounded by the police while he went out to buy some bread. To add insult to injury, the premier declared the boy a terrorist, because he had marbles in his pocket. But still he gets votes.

About sixty journalists are in prison, many for years without trial. In the mean time, the TV shows documentaries over the flowers and the bees, oh yes, and penguins, many penguins. But he gets the votes.
Twitter and YouTube are banned, and the premier's wife declared internet to be worse than drugs. But her husband gets votes.

The man wants to install the Shariah, the Muslim law. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Unfaithful and dishonest women would be stoned to death. There are no unfaithful or dishonest men. On the contrary, it is a virtue for men to have more wives. And still the women give him votes.

Votes are being sold for 50 Turkish lira. The party in question has about 30% of the votes, the rest being divided in a multitude of parties. Stupid does not begin to describe what is happening now.
I could rant all night, but let me instead leave you with one of Aziz Nesin's poems
“Be Silent”

Be silent; don’t speak.
It is a shame; stop your voice;
Be silent already.
And if speech is made of silver
Silence is made of gold.
The first words I heard as a child
when I cried, laughed, played were
“be silent!”
At school they told me half truths; they told me: “what do you care? Be silent”
When a girl first kissed me, they told me “Shhh be silent; don’t say a word”
Stop your voice; and don’t speak; be silent.
This went on until I became 20 years old.
The words of the grown up; the silence of the child.
I saw blood in the streets
“what do you care” they told me “you gonna get in trouble, be silent”
Later on my bosses got angry
“don’t get involved; keep your nose clean; be silent”
I got married, had children; I taught them to be silent
My wife was loyal and industrious and knew how to be silent.
She had a prudent mother who told her: “be silent”
During leap years my parents, my neighbors advised me
“be silent; don’t get involved; pretend you did not see anything; be silent”
We might have not had an envied relationship with our neighbors
But we were connected to them by
“be silent”
“Be silent” this person said and that one.
Those high up: “be silent”
Those below: “be silent.”
“Be silent” said our neighborhood
“Be silent” our city.
We swallowed our tongue.
We have a mouth but no voice
We even formed an association:
“The silent ones”
And there were many of us: a whole country, a big power
But mute
We were successful; we reached high goals; we received medals and rewards
Only with “be silent”
This “be silent” a great art.
Teach it to your children, your wife, your mother in law
And when you feel the need to speak
Deracinate your tongue
Make it stop.
Cut it off completely
Throw it to the dogs
It is an unnecessary tool when you don’t use it correctly.
You will sleep well at night this way; no nightmares; no doubts; no guilt
You will not feel ashamed in front of your kids
You will save yourself from having to speak
To say “you are right; I am like you; one of you”
But ahhh!
-Wretched me-
How I wish I could speak
But you will not
You will become a salivating verbalist
Cut off your tongue
Cut it off now
Become a mute
Since you are not gonna speak; you should dare that much.
Cut off your tongue.
This way you will be consistent with my plans
With my dreams
I retain my tongue amidst tears and cries
Because I fear that there will come a moment
Where I won’t be able to take it anymore
I will burst out
I won’t be afraid
I will hope
And every minute
I will fill my throat
With one syllable
One whisper
One stutter
One howl
Which will tell me:

Happy Fool's Day, Turkey

Friday, 28 March 2014

Newly Listed: Green Sea Urchin Spine Earrings

Green Sea Urchin Spine Earrings by StaroftheEast
Glass Terrarium Vase Hand Blown Glass Vase Transparent Pale Green Flower Wall Decor by AvolieGlass
Rustic Winter Photograph - Sway - print, mint green, gray sky, forest green grass stems by ErinBphoto
Beach photograph - Red Bloom - Red Seaweed waves - Rhode Island nature ocean by LilyShihPhoto

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Newly Listed: Vintage embroidery and Leather Bag

Vintage embroidery and Leather Bag - Birds, Butterflies, Woodland, Leaves, Nature by StarBags
Art Photography Coffee Mug Heart Bokeh Modern Wall Art Autumn by Gallery32Photography
Butterfly photography- manson jar, ethereal art, feminine, romantic, fine art print by dullbluelight
Photo of Piano Keys Entitled Keys - Fine Art Photo by CarlaDyck

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Newly Listed: Rose Coral Earrings

Rose Coral Earrings Sterling Silver Red Floral by StaroftheEast
Poppy Photography, Picture of Poppies, Large Red Flowers, Asian Floral by AmyTylerPhotography
Nursery Photography, Art for Children, Rat in bowl, Red Flower Hat by SamClarkPhotography
Spring Nature Photography Print, Red Blossom, Flower Photograph by TheShutterbugEye

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Newly Listed: Mushroom Driftwood Sculpture

Mushroom Driftwood Sculpture Woodland display, Beach Decor by StarHomeStudio
Snail Shell & Leaf Photo, Autumn Nature Photography, Fine Art , Brown Wall Decor by ARFdesign
mini mushroom forest macro photography, woodland fine art photo by StrongylosPhoto
Organic photography, tree mushrooms or fungi, northern nature photography by FieldBerry

Saturday, 22 March 2014

A Lovely Day...

We had a lovely day today, Spring has arrived early this year with already weather above the 25 degrees (77 F) we can already be outside in t-shirts enjoying a nice brunch.

We went to a place where everything is homemade and organic, yummy!

After filling our bellies we headed off to the beach, with a lucky start by seeing a ladybug, should be a good sign!

Sea urchins are cheeky little things, they do not like lovely sandy beaches but rather rocky rough seashores where it is hard to walk.

 The boats are still being patched up, but soon they'll all be ready for the Summer season, they pull them in the water with a rustic system, as can be seen below. I'm sure that everyone helps each other, as they are all pulled with men power, no fancy machinery.

Tea is a way of living here, not like the British with their tea time, in Turkey it is always tea time, here you see, sugar, tea, glasses and spoons; everything is ready. Because of the sunlight you can not see but the teapot is actually on some kind of stove, the wood you can see sticking out below was burning, and the tea was boiling.

On our way home a stop for vitamins, an abandoned patch with orange, lemon and tangerine trees. Free for picking, fresh from the trees.

Also some wild flower picking...

And the harvest of the day, lots of vitamin C :)

A big shell, which we find very rarely, so the ladybug did help! A nice bunch of sea urchins, which will need to be cleaned.

Some nice driftwood, shells, beach glass, starfishes and other treasures.

Stones 'drilled' by the waves, and a fishing net will make a nice home decor piece as soon as I know how exactly :)

We had a lovely day, hope you enjoyed it with us :)

Friday, 21 March 2014

Newly Listed: Sea urchin and Pearl Cuff

Sea Urchin Cuff - Elegant Sea Urchin and Pearl Bracelet - Pink Brown White by StaroftheEast
Pink Flower Fine Art Photo -Hydrangea Pink Brown Nature Shabby Chic by GalleryZooArt
She liked swallows art print by PrintIllustrations
Paris Seine photo - fine art photography print - France travel by photographybykarina